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On the first day, they reached from the heavens in multitudes, those beings from elsewhere known only to the dozens around the world to whom they came. No more was imparted in this moment. They found that as in a dream, hours had passed as minutes, minutes as seconds. Individuals around the world faced their terrifying futures.
We are introduced to two of the main characters in Scranton, David and Owen, and get some insight into their experience with the stone that David received. We also get hints as to the powers that they gained due to the stone.
In this episode we are introduced to another main character who received a stone, Aziz. Two weeks have passed since he received his stone and he scrambles to get his mother to safety after finding out that there is something sinister behind recent events.
Here we are introduced to Mae from Korea (who also has a stone) meeting with the Tsunetomo, a corporation started to use the stones powers for economic and social good, in Japan. We also find out more about the ESR, whose card Aziz found on Cairo's dead body.
Its now 9 months after David and Owen's experience with their stone and they have decided to use Owen's aptitude with technology to develop a manufacturing plant for various technologies. We also find out that Osaka, Japan is currently under siege and David wants to protect the Tsunetomo and the technology Renaissance Labs exchanged with them.

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